Organic Beauty trends tend to come and go, but research from across the beauty industry shows that 2021 has been a pivotal year for organic beauty and skincare especially.

We’ve become more comfortable buying online; our buying preferences have shifted to a well-being focus and many of us are far more aware of the environmental impact of our purchasing.

 winter organic beauty trends

There are some key beauty and organic skincare trends as we move into wintertime that look set to hold well into Spring and Summer 2022.  You read it here first!

Multipurpose Skincare and Makeup

Put your hands up if you want to go back to slogging around a huge bag full of products on a lengthy commute?  No, us neither. 

As we’ve started to be more considered and mindful of our purchases, our appetite for ‘more is more’ is lessening.  We’re returning to work and socialising, but many of us simply don’t want complex makeup and skin regimes anymore.  We’ve learned to pare back, and we don’t always enjoy the feeling of lots of stuff on our skin. 

We’re turning to multi-functional products that don’t compromise on efficacy or organic credentials, and simple routines that give results.


TRY: Our Calming Rose or Citrus Spritz Super Tonics.  Beautifully packaged, these power houses are ideal for cooling, soothing, to settle irritated skin, to set makeup, following cleansing to freshen or through the night for those of you struggling with night sweats to cool without leaving you clammy.

Better Access to Safe Sun Protection Technologies

It was once considered impossible to have a natural sunscreen that offered efficacy rivalling synthetic chemical ones, or those containing nanoparticles. The only alternatives were heavy ‘barrier’ creams that left the skin with a white residue and feeling greasy.

Our independently tested cream is not only SPF30, but has broad spectrum protection across the UVA as well as UVB rays.

It also offers a power pack of 9 botanicals, designed to support even delicate baby skin, moisturise, and soothe conditions like prickly heat. And best of all – no whitening of the skin.

We were the first ever sunscreen certified by the Fairtrade Association, and we’re certified to Soil Association standards. 

Throughout winter, if we are exposed to the sun, we still need sun protection, due to the increased thinning of the ozone level. This isn’t just to protect you from the effects of the sun, but also harmful free radicals from pollution.

A good organic moisturiser that is rich in antioxidant vitamins from cold-pressed, virgin plant oils can help in the fight against free radicals, if you aren’t wearing an SPF cream all winter long.


Sustainability as the New Clean:

We tend to avoid words like ‘clean’ in our skincare, even if we believe our skincare is as squeaky clean as can be – it is truly all-natural and we avoid chemicals that even other organic brands use. ‘Clean’ feels a little too like marketing speak to us and has been hijacked by a beauty industry that is desperate to be seen as ‘green’.

However, ‘sustainability’ is not.  And it matters to you, a lot.

Sustainable beauty to us, works across every touch point of our brands.  We use ingredients that are sourced sustainably, not only for the earth, but the people who grow and supply them. We don’t use synthetic ingredients.  Ever.  And we’re fully Soil Association certified, which is no mean feat.

We have sustainable employee practices and encourage our teams with training, reasonable work-life balance and fair expectations of pay and development.

We use recyclable packaging, box our products sustainably and all our distributors adhere to strict no animal testing policies.

As far as we’re concerned, sustainable beauty is the only TRUE beauty and we’re thrilled to see you agreeing in your droves.

Learn more about our standards here >

De-Stressing and Mood Improving Skincare

As people with eczema and skin conditions ourselves, we’ve always been aware of the power of skincare and beauty to transform our moods and reduce stress.

Throughout lockdown and into winter 2021, we’ve all started to tap into how our beauty regimes and rituals can help support us with not just better skin, but improved mental health, self-care and wellbeing from top-to-toe. 

Beauty really isn’t skin-deep, it has benefits well beyond the obvious and we’ve worked hard to create products that work for both.

For example, our Body Pamper Gift set contains a range of mood-motivating body treats, including Ylang-ylang and Orange Body Wash, which smells amazing but also lifts the mood and energizes. 

Our Tropical Bliss Body Silk is smoothing and nourishing, ideal post shower or bath for challenged winter skin, but also full of calming lavender and calendula.

Coconut Body Scrub is lovely for sloughing off the dead bits of skin, and by massaging it in pre-shower, you bring blood to the surface of your skin, improving not only the tone, but also your energy levels.


Korean 12-step beauty routines have their place, but for those with sensitive skin, tighter budgets or less time (like those us with children), it simply isn’t practical or desirable to spend that much time or money on your skin.   

Also, routines over-packed with actives can be far too hard on the skin, especially in winter when challenging weather conditions can leave the face taught and dry.

For some skin types, for example perioral dermatitis, it could even be harmful, causing more redness and inflammation, which is why we advocate a much simpler, targeted routine. 


Instead, use a gentle cleanser, water or tonic,  and a good moisturiser, coupled with a serum.

In fairness, Skinimalism is a great name for an old tradition – simple skincare done well and it’s what Odylique have always taken great pride in.

 Skinimalism is also about ditching the heavy foundation and contour in favour of a more sheer, targeted approach.  If your skin is fairly clear, you can simply use a concealer where you need it. It also mixes well in the palm of your hand with a moisturiser or face oil to create a light BB cream or tinted serum.

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