Whether you’re heading out to party hard, or planning a cosy event indoors, lots of us up the glamour for celebrations with our fashion and faces alike.

party eye makeup for sensitive skin

However, if like us you have sensitive skin or eyes, all that makeup and additional cleaning can leave you feeling sore, red and taut.

With kindness and style both in mind, here are our top tips to maintain your glamour and glitz without irritating your sensitive skin.

Cleanse with Kindness:

Eye makeup, especially darker eye shadows and waterproof mascaras especially can be hard to remove.

The skin around your eyes is very thin and doesn’t produce as much moisture as areas like the cheeks, so becomes red and damaged very quickly.  Long term this can lead to fine lines and wrinkles.

The answer is in the texture of what you remove your makeup with.  Ditch foaming or soap based removers for this type of makeup, and instead clean with a really good oil or balm (our Calendula Balm is a lovely, gentle option).


Don’t rub at the eyes, gently massage the balm over the eye area working from the inside out.  Then using a natural, organic face cloth dampened in warm water, hold the cloth over the eyes for 30 seconds, then gently pat the colour and product off the eyes.  Rinse and repeat until all the colour is gone.

The extra bonus of this technique is it removes ‘post night out panda eye’ – that lovely effect when makeup gets stuck under the eye and every time you wipe it, it gets worse.

Finish with a double cleanse of the rest of the face, and spritz with a soothing facial tonic (look for ingredients like calming, anti-inflammatory rose, or chamomile as opposed to citrus, which tends to be clarifying).

PRO BEAUTY TIP: You can also use your spritz to set your makeup and refresh it through the night, avoiding lots of reapplying.

Create an Ace Base:

Even if you have oily skin, you need to use a moisturiser before applying your makeup to stop it from being absorbed or sliding right off your face.

This means less reapplication and less product being pushed into your pores.

We love a heavier moisturiser POST makeup application to soothe and protect and a light one BEFORE to provide a primer. 


PRO BEAUTY TIP: Avoid silicone based ‘smoothing’ primers.  Whilst they do create a smooth finish, they really irritate the skin and are highly comedogenic (pore blocking) and you can get the same results with really good brushes.

I use the Avocado 24-Hour Replenishing cream as a night cream and it is perfect!

Eva, Odylique Customer

The Eyes Have it:

Now your skin is properly prepped, it’s time to apply your makeup.

We advise applying your eye makeup FIRST.  Why?  Because then instead of re-applying foundation over any product fallout, you can do your eyes and then only apply ONE layer of foundation or concealer over the top.


Apply a line of colour using a brown pencil just above the socket line, and one just above the lash line then blend out with an eye-shadow brush, joining them at the outer corners of the eye.

PRO BEAUTY TIP: Warm your liner between your fingers, or with a hairdryer for ten second to make sure it doesn’t drag across the eye line.

From here, apply a lighter colour to the socket, and a pop of a very light eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyes to create a wide effect.

Finish with two coats of organic, fibre free mascara.  Whilst fibre-based mascaras do add length, they also cause huge irritation for the lashes.

Our mascaras are smudge-resistant and packed with deeply conditioning plant extracts like aloe vera, calendula and sea buckthorn fruit to beautifully define and care for your lashes.  Simply curl the lashes for a better effect.

Glow for glamour:

Apply your foundation using a brush or sponge, and use a concealer across any areas you want to improve the look of.

Dust a pink toned blush over your cheeks and a super bright lipstick to lift your look. Our peach melba is a great choice for all skin tones, without being too intimidating.  Just blot with tissue and reapply for lasting power without dryness.

For more advice on sensitive skin, ask our organic skincare experts today >

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