Dry Hair And Skin In Winter 101 – From Top to Toe, We Have You Covered!

With the cold weather also comes dry hair. Winter can also be a hard time for your skin you may find yourself searching for a dry skin treatment to help your skin feel hydrated again. In the colder months, circulation to the skin slows and can become a little sluggish. This means we perspire less, produce less sebum to moisturise our skin, and cell turnover decreases. This, combined with low levels of sunlight, cold weather and drying, artificial heat indoors, means that skin easily gets dry..

To avoid a less-than-healthy complexion – or exacerbating conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis – give your skin a bit of extra love with a healthy winter skincare routine. Read below, for advice below we give some top tips including the best moisturiser for dry skin and healthy habits to keep your complexion glowing! We also provide our top tips for helping moisturise your dry hair in winter! 

Our Top Tips For Keeping Your Skin And Hair Moisturised In Winter


silk-touch-cleanserDaily cleansing (at most??, practice this morning and evening), with a gentle cleanser will help stimulate the skin’s cell turnover & gently remove dirt and dead skin cells, without robbing your skin of its natural oils. Fresh skin cells are better at holding moisture, so regular cleansing will maximise the effect of your moisturiser.

Our award-winning Silk Touch Cleanser is the perfect dry skin cleanser; freeing your skin from impurities, as well as providing long lasting hydration through its high-oleic, cold pressed sunflower oil.


organic-moisturiser We’re sure you’re already aware that moisturising is one of the most important things you can do to combat dry skin. We also recommend increasing moisturiser application to twice a day – and applying the best moisturiser for dry skin you can. What we put on our skin can absorb into our bodies, so it’s worth it being as healthy as possible!

To avoid irritating chemicals or nutritionally ‘dead’ petroleum oils, it’s best to use a certified organic moisturiser. For example, our Avocado 24-Hour Replenishing Cream  moisturises and protects with a vitamin power pack of organic avocado, shea butter and sea buckthorn, plus it contains a pure essential oil blend including frankincense that helps regenerate the skin.

Alternatively, our Timeless Rose Moisturiser is also a great certified organic option if you’re looking for a more lightweight cream. With deeply moisturising oils of jojoba and coconut, plus aloe juice and the hydrolat of damask roses, it absorbs fully, leaving the skin soft and velvety smooth.

Plant oils and butters bring helpful nutrients to our skin, rather than petroleum or silicones which sit on the surface and merely provide a hydrated ‘feel’.

Glow In Winter

dry-skin-in-winterFor those of you with dry skin all year round, you probably already have a rigid moisturising routine and you might be beginning to wonder if you can ever achieve soft, radiant skin, particularly in winter.

For an extra boost, our secret weapon for instant radiance is Superfruit Concentrate – a wonderful facial serum packed full of 100% organic vitamins that provides a fabulous nourishing boost and a touch of colour from its glorious antioxidant fruits of rose hips, pomegranate, sea buckthorn and avocado.

It can be used underneath your makeup or on its own, just allow time in the morning for it to absorb into your skin. It’s made from highly moisturising oils and is rich in vibrant plant polyphenols that provide a natural tint for added brightness. Just a couple of drops is all that’s needed, either alone or on top of your moisturiser to have you feeling and looking like summer’s just around the corner!


exfoliation-maskTo rid yourself of flakes and rough patches of skin, exfoliation can be very helpful, although we would advise caution if you have eczema and exfoliate very gently, if at all

On the face, try our super-nutrient 3 in 1 Maca Mask – 3-in-1 because it purifies, gently exfoliates and replenishes all in one go.

For the body, and a little luxurious pampering, our Coconut Candy Scrub is a go-to. Based on virgin coconut and cocoa butters it gently exfoliates leaving the skin smooth, super moisturised and lightly fragrant. Sheer indulgence although an essential, declared by a customer with eczema!

For every day face, hand and body cleansing/exfoliation the oh-so-gentle Honey & Oat Soap Bar is great for all skin types. And exfoliation is great to do in between applying your shampoo to make sure that you leave it in long enough to help moisturise your dry hair in winter!

The Alternatives

dry-hair-treatmentThe alternatives to high-quality plant-based products are not pretty (or particularly effective)! Many people opt for petroleum-based products in a bid to combat dry skin, particularly for chapped lips. What they might not realise, is that petroleum doesn’t actually moisturise the skin – it traps existing moisture from escaping the skin. This in itself isn’t an issue – lots of natural ingredients act as a barrier on the skin. The issue is that petroleum, like many synthetic alternatives, blocks pores, which can contribute to breakouts and other skin issues.

Petroleum also has other health concerns attributed to it. Petroleum is often contaminated with other impurities; some are reported to have carcinogenic effects.

Instead, keep moisture locked in and restore hydration to your lips naturally. Our Ultra Rich Balm contains beeswax, raw shea butter and cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil that sink deeply into the skin and provide a breathable shield, while herbs such as soothing calendula and chamomile and plus regenerating sea buckthorn promote speedy healing, without causing further irritation. The ultimate multi-tasker, Ultra Rich can also protect the ends of your hair when you venture into the cold wintry winds and helps combat against your increased dry hair in winter!

Our lovely Lip Silk is also a great choice for keeping chapped lips at bay, with its healing blend of calendula and shea butter.

Turn Down The Heat..

organic-bodywashIt’s tempting to ward off the cold for a little while by having a hot shower or bath, but doing this too often can strip the skin of natural oils.. Try to limit showers and baths and although you don’t have to sit in an ice bucket (although, to each his own!), keeping the temperature a little lower could help save your skin.

Using natural cleansing bars or body wash  also promotes skin health by avoiding the stripping effects of harsh detergents. . These and other irritant chemicals can disrupt the skin’s pH and protective barrier, leaving it more prone to dryness.

After stepping out of your shower or bath, top-up the moisture in your skin with Toning Fruit Butter or our Tropical Bliss Body Silk – you’ll notice the difference in the morning!

Stop Your Hands From Being Dry In Winter

organic-hand-creamWearing gloves can really help to avoid chilblains and can keep your hands from getting cracked.

As an extra preventative measure, massage a little of our new Lemon Butter Hand Smoothie into hands and nails. It’s richly moisturising and won’t make your hands greasy!

I suffer from very dry skin and especially in the winter the tops of my palms get very dry and irritated. 
This hand cream simply saved me. I love the light scent of citrus, I love the non-super-greasy texture it has and I love that it gives the exact amount of moisture to my hands.”
Dimana, Odylique customer

No More Dry Hair In Winter

dry-hair-in-winterWinter winds can leave hair looking a little bit worse for wear during the colder months, so try a gentle natural shampoo that doesn’t dry out your hair.

Our award-winning much-loved Gentle Herb Shampoo comes into its own on sensitive skin and dry hair. PH-balanced, it is free from sulphates, artificial preservatives and all harsh detergents, and nourishes the hair and scalp with a generous helping of organic coconut oil and herbs.

For extremely dry hair or scalp, Ultra Rich Balm can be used on the scalp as an intensive pre-shampoo treatment, as well as sparingly on dry or frizzy ends.

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More Advice?

If you’d like any more advice on what to do about dry skin in winter or the best moisturiser for dry skin, please do email us –info@odylique.co.uk, add your question as a comment below, or call 01638 491022 – we’re here to help!

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