5 Natural Ways to Help a Cold

It’s February and despite the unseasonably mild weather, between the relentless rain and long dark days we are definitely feeling the effects of winter. The sound of sniffles resonating throughout the office at the moment are like a soundtrack to our working day. 


woman with cold

Is Aloe Vera Good for Eczema?

Is Aloe Vera Good for Eczema? Aloe Vera juice has a great reputation as a skin healer. But can aloe vera help eczema? The short answer is yes, but evidence points to even greater benefits of aloe vera for eczema when it’s combined with other herbs. How Does Aloe Vera Work? Eczema or atopic dermatitis is …

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Silicone Free Shampoo

Silicone Free Shampoo Understanding the benefits of silicone free shampoo is very important. You may hear and see a lot in the media and from hair professionals about silicones in hair products and why they are not good for your hair, but how much do you really know? Forbidden under organic standards but widely included …

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The 9 Benefits of Mineral Sunscreen

9 Benefits of Mineral Sunscreen  Sunscreens are not all made equal. Broadly speaking there are two types of sunscreen – mineral and ‘chemical’, but there is a huge difference in how each protects you. Which is better, mineral or chemical? Our vote comes squarely in favour of the mineral variety, with caveats that we explain …

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