Top 10 Must-Have Fair Trade Products 2020

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Sometimes a little retail therapy is just what the doctor ordered, and when you buy Fairtrade, you’re investing in other people’s lives, not just your own – another great reason to get shopping!

We believe that opting for fairly traded goods is one of the most important criteria an ethical shopper should consider.

Fairtrade certification encompasses a range of standards that protect the workers and farmers involved in growing and producing particular ingredients, like the sugar and shea butter used in the products at Odylique.

Look for the certification logo (pictured below), to ensure what you’re buying is genuinely Fairtrade!

Whether you’re a Fairtrade enthusiast or if you’ve just discovered it for the first time, we have compiled a list of our favourite products and companies who supply fantastic everyday items and gift ideas for treat yourself or someone special with.

1. Divine Chocolate 


Nothing says indulgence like chocolate. We love Divine Chocolate for its rich flavour from ethically sourced cocoa beans. Purchasing any product from Divine Chocolate supports sustainable cocoa farming and provides local communities with a premium to invest in social, economic or environmental conditions. This is because the company gives ownership of the business to the farmers, sharing their profits and giving them a stronger voice in the cocoa industry.

Divine is the only chocolate company in the world which is 100% Fairtrade and owned by cocoa farmers.

2. AMT Coffee


AMT Coffee was the first national coffee company to support Fairtrade.

They believe that Fairtrade for coffee farmers is about fair prices, decent working conditions, long term sustainability and fair terms of trade in the developing countries that produce this second largest traded commodity in the world.

AND they use organic milk as standard!

3. Arena Flowers


Brighten up someone’s day with a colourful flower arrangement from Arena Flowers. Arena sources many of their flowers from farms that adhere to Fairtrade standards on economic, environmental and social requirements.

That’s real flower power!

For their full range of Fairtrade flowers, click here.

4. Noctu


Noctu designs are inspired by Scandinavian simplicity and focuses on minimalist design. Their ethos is ‘to make beautiful and comfortable nightwear using the softest organic fabrics’. All of their products are made in the UK using 100% organic and Fairtrade cotton. With this emphasis on ethical practice you won’t only look good in their clothing, but feel good knowing that you are supporting Faritrade produce!

5. Asperetto Coffee

fairtradeAspretto Coffee ticks all of the boxes, not only is it going to give a delicious energy boost to your day, it’s Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, and Soil Association certified! Sipping coffee never felt so good.

6. Steenbergs Sugar


Take sugar in your coffee? Make it the perfect pairing with fairly traded sugar from family-run Steenbergs. Their sugar isn’t any ordinary sugar, though; they provide a range of unique flavours including cinnamon, vanilla, lavender, and rose. Giving back tastes sweet!

Check out their Fairtrade sugar range here.

7. Arctic Circle Jewellery

fairtrade-lipstickSustainable and responsible, Arctic Circle’s Fairtrade Peruvian gold and ethically sourced Canadian diamonds are beautiful from start to finish. The company ensures that the origin of each piece of their jewelry is always fully traceable to suit any conscious and enquiring customers.

Click here to find out more about their stunning range.

8. Clipper Tea


We love our cups of Clipper Tea at the Odylique office, especially the Fairtrade and organic options that make up the majority of their range. Their ingredients are sourced from Fairtrade farms around the world, including ones in India, Sri Lanka, China, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania and Uganda.

We also like the fact that Clipper tea bags are unbleached, meaning there won’t be any residues of synthetic bleaching chemicals floating around in your cup!

Clipper certainly live up to their ‘natural, fair and delicious’ promise.

9. Co-operative Wine 


Having a glass of wine need not be a guilty pleasure, especially if you’ve chosen from the largest variety of Fairtrade wine available at the Co-op. You can also buy from other fairly traded goods the Co-op provides such as bananas and tea.

Fairtrade also bans the use of highly toxic agro-chemicals from being used in the vineyards, protecting both you and the vineyard workers. We would suggest buying certified organic products to be sure, however!

10. Odylique

fairtrade-beauty-productsHere at Odylique, we are committed to sourcing the most ethical ingredients possible and are proud of our Fairtrade certification for a number of our products:

  • Our Fairtrade facemask, which utilises Fairtrade sugar to help reveal natural, radiant skin.
  • Our Fairtrade beauty products, such as our natural lipsticks and eyeliners include gorgeously rich Fairtrade shea butter.
  • Even our Natural Sunscreen is certified, in fact, it is the UK’s first ever certified organic and Fairtrade sunscreen!
  • Our coconut and avocado oil are also purchased from fairly traded sources and can be found in many of our products too – so you aren’t short of choice!

We encourage you to feel the reward of ethical shopping. Over 7 million people including workers, families and farmers, benefit from Fairtrade in the developing world – which is why fair trade is important! If you aren’t already part of the movement, start now!

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Want To Try Our Products?

We only source the kindest ingredients from trusted suppliers who don’t practice unethical or cruel methods of farming, which is why we are able to label every single one of our products cruelty free!

Use code: Fairtrade20 at the checkout for 20% off your order! – *Limited to one use per customer*


More Advice

If you’d like any more advice or information on our Fairtrade products, please do email us –, add your question as a comment below, or call 01638 491022 – we’re here to help.


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