Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Glass versus plastic? Recycled or virgin? Local sourcing? Here are some of the issues facing a small environmentally-responsive company when it comes to packaging …and some good news on our ongoing progress…

Why we don’t use palm oil

Palm oil is a form of vegetable oil obtained from the fruit of the oil palm tree (Elaeis Guineensis). It has recently become one of the world’s most widely-produced oils and is a key ingredient in many cosmetic products. Having been asked recently if Essential Care uses palm oil (an emphatic no!) we thought we’d explain why we don’t use it….

Argan oil in skin care?

We had an interesting question from one of our Facebook friends (thank you!) recently on Argan Oil. Would we use it in our skin care? …

The Benefits of Rosemary

For the last in our series of blogs about plants that can help you kick-start the New Year, we’ve chosen one of nature’s  multi-tasking plants – rosemary.

The Health Benefits Of Mint – Nature’s Soother!

If you’ve overindulged during the festive season you’re probably familiar with one of the main  properties of mint. Many of us start the day with a wake-up burst of mint from our toothpaste,  too but there’s much more to mint than a breath freshener.  Here are a few more interesting facts and tips about one of nature’s most purifying creations.

Are Parabens Linked To Breast Cancer?

A study published this month has raised questions again about the potential correlation between the use of parabens in food and cosmetics, and the possibility of developing breast cancer.


Relax and unwind with Lavender

Continuing our theme of bringing some cheer and calm to your New Year, today’s blog is about lavender – one of the most popular and widely used of all essential oils, not surprising considering it has such an impressive array of applications. From inducing relaxation and aiding sleep, to soothing minor burns and grazes – this herbaceous yet sweet and floral essential oil is a must for every household! 

Pregnant & Using Essential Oils – Is There A Risk?

Whilst a woman may feel confident placing herself in the skilled hands of a professional Aromatherapist during pregnancy, she is understandably less confident when buying ‘Aromatherapy’ products off the shelf.