When it comes to skin conditions, one of the best herbal remedies that most people could agree on is undoubtedly aloe vera. The gel-like substance found in leaves of the aloe vera plant has been documented to improve healing of the skin as well as countless other conditions when used either topically or ingested.

But not all aloe vera cream or gel is created equally, which is why it’s essential to do your research before trying it.

Is Aloe Always Safe To Use?

In short, no. Not all aloe vera products are equally safe or created to a high standard. Oftentimes in skincare, aloe can be mixed with a variety of other synthetic ingredients which may not be deemed as appropriate or safe, especially for sensitive skin. 

Not all parts of the aloe plant are as advantageous to use either, so must be harvested correctly. The best part of the plant to use for the skin is the ‘inner fillet’ of the leaf, which must be obtained in a specific way to retain the valuable nutrients that it contains. 

Some people may even have an allergy to aloe vera, although this is not very common (find out more about that here!).

Choose Organic Aloe Vera

Ideally, aloe vera needs to be organic, rather than conventionally farmed. Even ‘natural’ aloe vera creams will contain synthetic residues such and pesticides and fungicides leftover from farming. Also, make sure the entirety of the product you buy is classed as ‘organic’ – a product may contain organic aloe, but then a synthetic cocktail of other ingredients that won’t help you feel the full benefit of this wonderful plant. 

To ensure you’re choosing an organic aloe vera cream, look for independent certification by a reliable body, such as The Soil Association or Ecocert. These independent companies will verify if the product you’re purchasing is indeed organic and will signify this with their logo on the product (see below).


The Benefits of Aloe Vera 

Treats sunburn

Aloe vera is known for its anti-inflammatory and cooling properties. This is the reason why aloe vera cream is sought-after to treat burnt skin or sunburn. Once you apply it to the affected area, aloe vera will act as a protective layer over the wound, helping it to retain moisture and keep out impurities. Because aloe vera is high in antioxidants, it can speed up the healing process as well. A fantastic addition to your routine to keep your skin summer-ready!

Moisturise the Skin

Aloe-vera-creamAloe vera is a great way to inject some extra moisture into the skin and one of the main reason it’s used so much in skincare, especially in dry skin products. If you’re looking for a gentle moisturiser rich in aloe specifically for your face, we recommend our Timeless Rose Moisturiser which will deliver moisture to your skin without synthetic ingredients or preservatives!

Wound Healing

Aloe vera cream is effective in treating wounds and is additionally cooling when applied to the skin (yay for instant relief!). 
In one particular study, aloe vera was applied to the dressings of a cesarean section across 90 women and results were promising – they found that after just 24 hours, healing had rapidly increased compared to those without aloe vera dressings. 

Aloe can also be used for small abrasions, minor cuts, and sunburn (in fact, it’s one of the main ingredients in our Spot-On-Serum to treat these sorts of issues directly!).


acne-aloe-vera-creamIf you are someone who faces the torments of acne, aloe vera could be a useful ally. Aloe has antimicrobial properties, which can help target acne-causing bacteria on the skin. It also works as an antiseptic, meaning it can protect your skin from bacterial infection. Aloe has also been praised for its effectiveness against acne compared to conventional, synthetic skincare, in conjunction with other ingredients like tea tree oil. It’s anti-inflammatory properties also helps reduce redness.

Skin Regeneration

Aloe Vera has gibberellins (a plant hormone) and polysaccharides. These components can help in the growth of new cells, reduce redness and inflammation.

Studies have found aloe vera to improve skin elasticity (thus minimising the appearance of wrinkles!) by increasing collagen production. Aloe can be used topically and ingested to encourage collagen production.

Cold Sores

Aloe vera can treat your skin, but did you know it can also be used to treat cold sores?
Aloe has anti-viral components that can be used safely without any toxic effects. 


Topical application of aloe vera has also been found to be a safe and effective treatment for psoriasis. One study found that the aloe vera cream had cured 25 out of 30 patients (83.3%) after a period of 16 weeks, resulting in significant clearing of the psoriatic plaques. Consistency is key!

How to choose the right aloe vera cream?

– Make sure, if you’re not going for a pure aloe vera gel, and instead of an aloe vera-based cream, that the product has a high percentage of aloe in it. One way to tell if this is the case is that it should list aloe as one of the first few ingredients on the label (the higher up the label, the higher the percentage in the product). 

 – In the same vein as the point above, the cream shouldn’t be packed full of hundreds of ingredients. If you want to feel the benefits of the aloe vera, a product with only a few other ingredients would be best.

– As explained above, choose an organic aloe vera cream.

– Buy from an ethical company who can source the best, fairly-traded aloe vera. 

If you’d like to try an organic aloe vera cream for yourself, many of the Odylique products contain this nutrient-dense ingredient. We would recommend our Repair Lotion first and foremost for all of the aloe-lovers out there because it can be used topically almost anywhere on the body and is ultra-gentle for those of you with very sensitive skin. Not only is it rich in aloe, it has a number of other, carefully selected natural ingredients to aid with healing, inflammation and itching. Our Repair Lotion cream is certified organic, fairly traded and has lots of wonderful reviews (most of which are on the product page). 

“It’s the only cream/lotion that has worked for me with my eczema.”

Pauline, Odylique Customer

“I have been using Repair Lotion on my face daily (under and around my eyes and on my forehead) too many years to count, and I credit it with keeping away my eczema, even in times of stress. It absorbs beautifully and isn’t greasy at all. I also credit it for keeping away wrinkles as a side benefit! This would be my desert island luxury without a doubt.”

Maryam, Odylique Customer

“Great. This cream has actually stopped me scratching. Thank you.”

Theresa, Odylique Customer 

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