How To Make BB Cream or Tinted Moisturiser


BB Cream, as well as CC cream, DD cream and more of the alphabet has been making headlines in beauty circles for the past couple of years. They all offer some kind of colour or blemish correction, and as you get further along the alphabet, some active ingredients and SPF too.

Often what these tinted moisturisers also have in common are unsavoury ingredients you might want to avoid, like harsh preservatives, mineral oil or fillers. – There aren’t that many certified organic or natural BB or CC creams around.

How To Make Tinted Moisturiser?

It’s simple though to make your own tinted moisturiser whenever you need it – and it will save you the cost of another product! Just mix together some of your concealer with your favourite moisturiser. We recommend using our 24 Hour Avocado Replenishing Cream with your favourite mineral foundation to make the most nutrient-rich tinted moisturiser. natural-tinted-moisturiser

How To Make BB Cream?

The photos below show how to make BB Cream, or strictly speaking a DD Cream as its made with our organic mineral concealer and Avocado 24H Replenishing Cream that are both full of very caring and vitamin-rich botanical actives. – A super healthy tinted moisturiser!

Step 1 

Firstly put some concealer into the palm of your hand – the circle size below creates enough tinted moisturiser for one application.


Step 2 

Next add a squirt of moisturiser on top. We’ve used Avocado 24H Replenishing Cream here, but it will work with Timeless Rose Moisturiser, or Superfruit Concentrate depending on how rich a moisturiser you would like. Mix the moisturiser into the concealer with the fingertips of your other hand until you have a smooth, even textured cream:



You can also mix with a spatula – this helps lift it all off your hand too, to minimise waste:

Use a spatula to remove all the tinted moisturiser from your hand.

And there you have it – your own nutritious tinted moisturiser made in a minute!


Other Uses Of Concealer?

For other ways to use concealer to great effect, have a look at this tutorial, written by Margaret and our makeup artist guru Kirsty.

Make Your Own BB Cream:

natural-tinted-moisturiser mineral-concealer organic-rose-moisturiser dry-skin-in-winter
24 Hour Avocado Replenishing Cream  Mineral Concealer  Timeless Rose Moisturiser  Superfruit Concentrate 

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Step 1 – Get some mineral foundation
Step 2 – Set some moisturiser
Step 3 – Mix the two together until you get your desired shade (more concealer for darker and more moisturiser for lighter)
Step 1 – Get some concealer
Step 2 – Get some moisturiser
Step 3 – Mix the two together until you get your desired shade (more concealer for darker and more moisturiser for lighter)

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