Organic Mascara: Top Tips on Volumising and Lengthening 


Back in 2013 we launched our industry leading Organic Mascara which provides a long lasting finish your eyelashes. As well as some amazing feedback (thank you to everyone who wrote such kind words!) its launch also generated a lot of interesting questions about mascara use and mascara ingredients; in particular about volumising and lengthening.

Eye Lash Voluming 

mineral-mascaraVolumising and lengthening are effects that are actually created in two different ways:

‘Volumising’ can be achieved in a number of ways. For instance, our mascara is described as volumising because it coats each lash (with the aid of waxes) to increase their circumference and therefore volume, coat by coat. The mascara brush is also very important for volume and we have chosen a brush that gives an excellent volumising effect.

Conventional and even many natural mascaras achieve volume with ingredients like silk or Serica. Serica is silkworm cocoons ground to a superfine powder. Not exactly cruelty-free, but Serica is often used in powders as a ‘smoother’, and in mascara to “bulk out” the formulation.

Just as with carmine (crushed beetles used to make red lipstick) there are good cruelty-free alternatives to Serica. In fact Soil Association organic standards outlaw both Carmine and Serica: Firstly the animal is killed to obtain the material; secondly the material is subject to extensive chemical processing. This processing is neither good for the environment nor sensitive eyes!

Here are some tips to achieve a really volumising effect (without killing bugs or upsetting your eyes!):

1.   Curl the lashes before applying your organic mascara – it is an old tip but it really makes a difference in opening up the eye area.

2.  Coat with one coat of mascara, wiggling the brush and flicking at the end of the lash to coat each lash individually.

3.  Provided your eyes aren’t very sensitive, dust lashes lightly with a mineral powder.

4.  Coat with a second layer of mascara.

5.  Taking a very fine liner, pick some of the mascara up from the brush and dot between lashes to create a real va va voom effect!

Eyelash Lengthening 

‘Lash lengthening’ tends to be achieved – in conventional mascara formulations – with nylon fibres which adhere to the lash tips.  We don’t use this for a number of reasons, not least because the nylon fibres can be irritating to sensitive eyes.

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More Advice?

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