When Abi met Sarah, the face behind Sugarpuffish

I first came across Sarah, the face behind allergy, eczema and natural beauty blog ‘Sugarpuffish’ several years ago.

Over time I have seen her blog grow into a widely respected, fair and honest source of information for both those struggling with skin allergies and those looking for a more natural, organic approach to their beauty regime, so I was delighted to have a sit-down with her to talk all things blogging, beauty and skin kind.

Sarah, you write Sugarpuffish, a blog about beauty and skincare for people with Eczema and Allergies.  What made you start the blog?

I started reading a couple of beauty blogs and whilst they were enjoyable I couldn’t relate to the products featured based on my experience of living with eczema and allergies. I decided to start my blog to share my experiences and knowledge of natural and organic skincare. I wanted to offer support to people in similar situations and encourage them to consider the ingredients in skincare and products used around the home.


How do you feel Sugarpuffish has changed since it started?

I like to think that my writing and photography has vastly improved since the start. I’ve had to learn a lot of blog skills which I was naive to in the beginning. The way my blog looks is all my own work. I have also grown to understand my readership and that helps me to cater to their needs.

You are really respected in the industry as an authority on skincare for Eczema and Allergies.  Why do you think that is?

Wow this question makes me feel very honoured and it’s a wonderful compliment to receive. To be truthful, I am not sure, maybe because I have first hand experience of these conditions. I’ve been managing my ailments for a very long time and I know what works and what doesn’t.  Brands do seem to want to tap into this knowledge to create products to help consumers like myself.

What else do you do to help with your allergies (diet, exercise etc.)

Reading ingredient labels is a part of my daily life. My allergies were diagnosed during childhood and so a “free from” diet eliminating my allergens has been the way forward. Through trial and error I have come to understand what works best for me in skincare. I have a long list of ingredients which I believe trigger my skin flare ups.

How do you manage your allergies at big times – like Christmas?

I am often overcome with jealousy during times like Christmas when surrounded by tins of chocolates, however, over the years there have been significant improvements in free from foods so I am now able to participate in safe alternatives.  When it comes to dinner parties, friends and family are used to my dietary requirements and often ask me for a list of safe foods. Alternatively,  I take my own so I don’t feel left out or put pressure on the host.

What would be your biggest tip for someone struggling with allergies?

Twitter is a wonderful resource to find people in a similar position to your own. I like to get recommendations from people with first hand experience and there is a great support network within the Free From Community.

Vegan Cake - Copyright Sugarpuffish
Vegan Cake – Copyright Sugarpuffish

What else do you like to do in your spare time?

Aside from managing Sugarpuffish, I love baking and make a wicked vegan chocolate fudge cake which no one ever believes is free from milk and eggs. I also enjoy travelling; you can’t beat a bit of sunshine and sightseeing.

How will you be celebrating the festive season?

I will be with family watching far too much TV and overindulging on festive foods.

What advice would you give to someone looking to have a go at blogging about organic and natural skincare?

Don’t think too much about it and jump straight in. If you are passionate about your topic it shines through in your writing. The “Green” Beauty Blogger Community is very friendly so make sure you connect as we share advice on everything from coding blogs to checking ingredients.

What is your best beauty tip or piece of skincare advice?

Speaking from personal experience, I truly believe that what you put into your body can affect your skin. It sounds cliché but “less is more” both for ingredients in your skincare and the food you eat. No one is perfect (myself included) we all enjoy chocolates and cake but just take time to consider what is best for you and your body.

We’ve always been humbled by how great an advocate you are for Odylique.  What are your favourite products and why?

Without wanting to sound overly dramatic, discovering Gentle Herb Shampoo was a life changer. I had spent so many years switching shampoos because I was struggling with an itchy scalp and eczema on my neck. Gentle Herb solved all these problems for me. I also adore the Superfruit Concentrate as I’m a huge fan of facial oils and I love the combination of ingredients in this product. I also recommend Skin Repair as I find it very useful for managing my eczema.

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