2020 Best Natural Makeup Bloggers To Follow In The UK

Here in the UK, we have an abundance of talented, in-the-know bloggers and professionals who – like us – want to promote natural beauty, particularly through the wonderful world of organic makeup.

Below we have narrowed down a special list of content creators who we feel are the cream of the crop and who we want to award the title of Odylique’s ‘Best Natural Makeup Bloggers to follow in 2020’.

We’d like to thank our winners for sharing their expertise and being part of the green beauty movement. We hope our readers will enjoy and be inspired by their work, just as we are!

Let’s get started!

Kriztina Clifton Beauty


Kriztina has been a beauty blogger for over ten years now. Although she primarily focuses on beauty product testing and tutorials she has recently branched out into blogging about inner beauty. From creating calm spaces to work shops on improving your mental health, this beauty blogger does it all!


Its Tropical Jade 

Jade is a beautiful beauty blogger that we have recently come across. We love her video style, it’s so simple and so effective! If you are ever looking for a quick 2 minute make up tutorial with a wide range of make up looks then Jade is most definitely the instagram account you should be following!




Sarah of Sugarpuffish has long been our biggest advocate and we are so proud to see her blog becoming more and more of a point of reference for the allergy, natural and green industry – she epitomises what our ‘best blog’ ethos is!

Started in May 2011, the blog covers natural and organic beauty, and allergies and eczema, from the perspective of Sarah’s own experiences as a sufferer.


Natural Beauty With Baby


Here is one for all of the mums out there! Helen started her blog because skin care is her passion. She suffers from psoriasis so is out there blogging about the natural products that help her the most!

But she doesn’t stop there – as a recent mum she has now extended her blog far beyond natural skincare and has branched out into the world of breastfeeding and pregnancy. If you are a first time mum or expecting a child at the moment, this blog is for you!


Lou Dartford


We had to include friend to Odylique, Louise Dartford. Lou is a makeup artist and advocate of the green beauty lifestyle.
We love Lou’s in-depth blog posts and her gorgeous monthly ‘Instabeauty’ makeup tutorials that have been beautifying our Instagram timelines (and our faces)!

Laura-Jane Sessions 


The wonderfully talented Laura-Jane Sessions really deserves a spot on our list. From an early age Laura appreciated organic and natural alternatives. Now, as a makeup artist, she has fully integrated natural makeup into her kit, which we think sends a great message to her clients and other artists in the profession.

Laura’s post on carmine in makeup was particularly interesting and gives an honest reflection on how she feels about the use of the ingredient as a professional, eco-friendly makeup artist. Well worth a read!

instagram @OrganicMUA

twitter  @Organic MUA

Ana Goes Green


Ana, the founder of Ana Goes Green, keeps us entranced with the makeup section on her blog. We really liked her ‘Five Minute Makeup Look’ which is made up of entirely natural and organic products. The combination of her beautiful photography and trusted recommendations means that we never go too much time without checking for more of her latest content.



Linda Ohrstrom


The muti-talented Linda Öhrström advocates the use of sustainable, organic beauty wherever she works – which happens to be in a multitude of places!

Linda is the editor of Women’s Health Sweden and a writer, editor and makeup artist for VoltCafe. Voltcafe is an ethically produced magazine featuring high-fashion editorials, where Linda only uses natural products on the models.

We loved Linda’s makeup artistry on their ‘Rah! Rah! Replica’ campaign (photographed above). As you can see, she used natural makeup for a range of bright and bold looks. Daring pops of colour aren’t always something you associate with green beauty, which is exactly why we love it!

Suffice to say, we were very impressed with the results and had to mention Linda for breaking natural beauty barriers!

instagram @Lindaohloves

We Were Raised By Wolves


Beauty enthusiast Evelyn tantalises our senses by writing about green beauty and delicious recipes. Her incredibly valuable natural makeup reviews and ‘monthly favourites’ posts help guide us before we make a purchase, so for that alone we have to thank her!

twitter @Beautywolfgirl

Call It Vanity

Sabrina and Mayah – the ladies of Call It Vanity – make YouTube videos and blog posts around organic beauty and how to go green. They pride themselves on buying-and-trying products so that you don’t have to. The makeup archive on their blog is the perfect place to pick up natural beauty tips and recommendations. Remember to check out their ‘Green Beauty Makeover’ video which would be a great for those searching for a Christmas makeup tutorial!


So there you have it!

We hope you have a great time exploring each of our winners’ content and find each of them as praiseworthy as we do.

If you have any current favourite green beauty bloggers, or if you are one yourself and would like to potentially be added to our list, contact us by email or comment below!

We love connecting to those of you who have a passion for organic living and we can’t wait to read or watch new content.

More Advice?

If you’d like any more advice about natural makeup, please do email us – customercare@odylique.co.uk, add your question as a comment below, or call 01638 491022 – we’re here to help!



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