Shop In Odylique’s First Retail Counter!

Thanks to you, after over a decade in our old premises, we moved Odylique to a bigger and better home in 2017. And now, in our new building, we have opened our very first retail counter to which you are warmly welcome. So come to Mildenhall, say hello!, and try out, browse and shop our range of organic skin, hair care and makeup.

We have always envisioned a building that would reflect the ethics and values that we hold has a company. Over the past few months – with the help of eco-building experts BEE Anglia & Groundwork – we have been renovating both inside and out to bring the building into the 21st century:

–  A grey water recycling system in our front garden now takes wastewater from sinks and puts it to use again in the WCs and garden – we’re quite excited by this – according to, recycled greywater can save approximately 70 litres of potable water per person per day and that’s just in domestic households.

– The building’s previous fluorescent lamps have been upgraded to modern LEDs with movement detecting sensors – to save an estimated 6.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

– We have made sure that our building is kept cosy with low energy inputs thanks to lots of insulation and energy efficient heating. And we use Ecotricity, so that our energy comes from the most sustainable sources.


If you pop in to visit us, you’ll also find the beginnings of a beautiful botanical garden surrounding the building. We’ll use this to demonstrate the ingredients we use in the products and right now, it is already home to 20 species of plants, including tea tree, sea buckthorn, lavender & myrtle. We’re even over-wintering a baby pomegranate tree in our new shop!

We have lots of other exciting plans up our sleeves.

Stay tuned for more changes planned throughout 2018 that we are sure you’ll love. As for now, we are continuing to improve our space to echo our eco-friendly, sustainable ethos and look forward to seeing all of you join us in store.

Come and visit, have a cup of tea on us (organic of course) – we’d love to meet you!


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