How To Get Rid Of Whiteheads For Good


We understand the feeling of wanting to hide your skin, especially when you wake up and discover spots and whiteheads have popped up! But you don’t have to retreat! The stigma around skin conditions is lessening and the days are gone when acne was a condition to be endured by waiting it out or only thought to be treatable through a dermatologist.

Whether it’s full blown acne or if you just get the odd spot here and there, whiteheads are probably the most recognizable (with their white bump on top of the spot) and they’re notoriously tempting to pick at!

Whilst we don’t actively recommend picking at the skin, if you’re going to, do this by gently squeezing a whitehead with clean hands to help drain the fluid/pus and don’t do it before it’s ready – or repeatedly, as this can cause scarring or push infection further into the skin.

Why Do Whiteheads Appear?

The reason as to why whiteheads and other spots appear on your skin are debated – from an overproduction of sebum, a lethargic lymphatic system, clogged hair follicles/pores, hormones and dietary factors. The truth is, it could be all of these factors, none of them or a combination of them, depending on the individual.

When it comes to treating acne naturally, even if you don’t know the exact cause, pretty much any method you try is most likely going to help rather than hinder in some way!

Getting Rid Of Whiteheads

Harsh, or synthetic skincare is commonplace, especially for those suffering with acne. Ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can leave your skin dry, depleted and end up aggravating the condition further, even if you think you’re seeing clearer skin in the short term.

Not only are harsh cosmetics rough on the skin, but on the body too. What you put on the skin can be absorbed into the blood. When so many ingredients are linked to health effects – even tumors and neurotoxicity– opting for a more natural option seems like the best way to go.

If you want genuinely natural skincare, it’s actually organic skincare you should be aiming for. Organic products won’t contain common synthetic ingredients or the chemicals sprayed onto natural ingredients either. Depending on the product and ingredients, organic skincare also yields a whole host of qualities to benefit from.    

Step 1 – Cleanse

face-washThe main role of cleansing is to remove impurities, like excess oil, bacteria, dirt and makeup. These factors can cause breakouts – even for the hardiest of skin types!

Our Tea Tree Face Wash can detoxify your skin with organic lemon essential oil. It also contains tea tree oil, which is reported to be effective in the treatment of acne too.

Cleansing in the morning and evening will keep your skin fresh and act as a preventative measure. Don’t cleanse more than twice a day, however – skincare should aid the skins natural functions, not completely take over.  You have to allow time for your skin to rebalance and regulate oil production by itself.  

Step 2 – Tone

whitehead-removerToners have a comparable purpose to cleansers and aren’t always a necessity. But if you suffer from whiteheads, adding an organic toner can be a worthwhile addition to your routine to help lift excess oil, balance & nourish your skin further. 

Our Balancing Citrus Super Tonic utilises citrus fruit oils to help balance sebum production to prevent the development of more spots.

Both of our toners are based on soothing & regenerating rose flower water to help your skin looking the way it should be – clear and balanced.

Using a toner after cleansing is ideal, but you can also use them throughout the day and it’s especially easy if it’s a spray! Our Citrus Tonic is great throughout the day when you may feel your skin getting progressively oilier  – and a quick spritz can help alleviate this!

“I was recently diagnosed with PCOS and since then my skin has become very shiny and I’ve been getting hormonal spots. I purchased a sample of the Balancing Citrus Super Tonic and the Lemon & Tea Tree Purifying Wash, and the results have been amazing. As soon as I put on the toner I feel my enlarged pores shrinking and my face cooling.., it balances the oils in my skin so well that I was then able to put on moisturiser for normal skin, (I had run out of my usual one for combination skin) with no excess shine or discomfort at all, I’m so happy. Wish I’d tried it years ago, thanks Odylique!”

Odylique Customer

Step 3 – Moisturise

organic-moisturiserFor some acne sufferers, moisturising can seem like the last thing they want to do, especially if they have the typical oily skin that accompanies their spots and bumps. But moisturising is not the enemy!

Using an effective, natural moisturiser can help to regulate oil production and leave your skin clearer.

Step 4 – Spot Treatment 

spot-treatmentAn on-the-spot treatment is a must, especially for whiteheads. After you’ve applied the rest of your skincare, put a pea-sized amount of your spot treatment onto individual blemishes overnight.

Our Spot On Serum contains ingredients known to reduce redness, swelling and inflammation – for example, zinc oxide and tea tree oil. One study demonstrated tea tree oil’s superior acne-fighting properties against benzoyl peroxide with fewer side effects!

Although you’ll likely notice an improvement sooner, be consistent with your new routine for at least a few months.23

I have been suffering with acne for the first time in my life at the age of 54. I didn’t know if it was from wearing a mask or hormones but it was painful and very unsightly. I had tried a few other products but this one….. WOW! After one application it had calmed considerably and today, a week later, I looked at my skin this morning and I haven’t seen it this good for months. I am absolutely over the moon!

– Rosalyn, Odylique Customer


We know changing your diet seems like the least appealing option, because it sometimes requires a complete lifestyle change, but it will be well worth it!

In addition to having a healthy, balanced diet (including lots of fruit and vegetables and plenty of water), you might have specific dietary requirements to achieve and maintain clear skin.

For some, an elimination diet could be well worth a go. Do so by cutting out certain foods that you suspect could be the issue, until you hit on the answer/s. If you find that after a few weeks, cutting out dairy products helps to keep breakouts at bay, then continue!

For others, it could be something in their diet they’re lacking, which is why it’s so important to have a good foundation to start from. Some studies have found that minerals like zinc and folic acid are essential in keeping the skin clear from spots.


For a fresh face, make sure personal hygiene is a priority.  This is more likely to be a fix for someone who gets the odd spot, rather than full blown acne though, as this can signify something more complex going on.

Some key hygiene tips to keep in mind:

– Keep skin clean with a good cleansing routine
– Make sure your hands are as clean as possible and try not to touch your face too often.
– Regularly wash your pillow.
– Regularly wash any thing you use regularly on your face, like flannels and makeup brushes. 
Wash your hair throughout the week (2-3 times), as oils and impurities can transfer onto the skin.

We understand acne can be a frustrating condition and sometimes knock your self-esteem, but we recommend persevering with different methods for at least a few weeks to months, especially when it comes to changing skincare routine to give it time to work! 

In the meantime, if you feel you need to cover up any blemishes, continue on the natural route and use an organic concealer to help disguise without drying or depleting the skin with the synthetic alternatives!

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More Advice?

If you’d like any more advice on whiteheads or other types of acne, please do email us at, call us on 01638 491022 or add your question as a comment below – we’re here to help!

You can beat whiteheads in 4 simple steps – Cleanse your face, add toner, moisturise and then apply a spot treatment.

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