From The Best Baby Shampoo to Baby Lotion – Why Organic Baby SkinCare Is The Best Choice 


Parents only want the best for their children. We believe if more parents knew the benefits of organic skincare (and the risks that come with synthetic skincare) that it would be the only option they’d consider.

However, our research suggests that only 10% of parents use natural baby skincare and only 2% use organic baby skincare. But, much more than 2% of parents think that they areusing organic toiletries…why is this?

Organic Certification

Companies often present cosmetic ingredients as natural, pure and simple and you can see why – natural products have so many benefits! However, unlike in the food industry, current legislation allows personal care products to be described as ‘organic’ without organic certification. This also goes for terms like ‘natural’ and ‘pure’ too.

To ensure what you’re buying is genuinely organic, look for the Soil Association symbol to make sure that your cosmetics are as organic as possible. Also beware of ‘lookalike’ logos – not all ‘organic’ symbols you’ll find on packaging actually mean anything.

Why Use Organic Baby Skincare?


Using organic skincare is important at any age and for many reasons, including protecting the environment, experiencing the benefits and avoiding the pitfalls synthetic skincare can bring.

One of these pitfalls is using ingredients that have potential to damage our health, since much of what is put on the skin is absorbed into the body. This is especially true for children. Until the age of 3, babies are especially vulnerable to environmental toxins.

Why is this?

– They are proportionately smaller, so absorb more unhealthy chemicals per kilo of body weight than adults.

– Their bodies and brains are growing fast, rapidly incorporating everything put into them.

The bottom line is that toxins stay in babies’ systems longer and can have more impact than they would in fully developed adults.

Organic skincare, on the other hand, will protect and nourish a baby’s skin, depending on the ingredients. For example, organic cold-pressed plant oils such as extra virgin olive oil and shea butter are superb skin emollients, which have been used traditionally for pure baby care for centuries.

What Shouldn’t Be Present In Baby Products?

non-organic-productsYou’d expect baby products to be the gentlest products around, but unfortunately that isn’t always the case. Just like adult skincare products, you’ll find many baby skincare items laden with ingredients that would be better kept at arms length:

– Petroleum bi-products e.g. liquid paraffin, mineral oil*, propylene/butylene glycols. These are a common major constituent of a well-known brand of baby oil.

– Sulfate detergents and other cleansing agents that are excessively drying and or toxic to the environment.

– Potentially toxic chemical preservatives including the ‘paraben’ family, which have links to cancer.

– Pesticide and herbicide residues (from nonorganic herbs and essential oils, so also present in ‘natural’ skincare).

– Talc. Johnson & Johnson recently had to pay out £4.7 billion to a cancer case linked to their talcum powder.

– Artificial fragrances or ‘parfum’ & colouring.

What Should Baby Product Be Made Of?

natural-ingredientsBaby product should be made up of the kindest, gentlest ingredients possible. Herbal extracts and oils are a great place to start if you want to protect, nourish and soothe delicate baby skin.

But even products made up of totally natural ingredients can be deceiving. ‘Natural’ doesn’t mean the synthetic pesticides that the ingredients were treated with aren’t present in the formulation. That is why choosing certified organic ingredients so important. A certified organic product ensures ingredient purity and the lowest rates of toxic chemicals or pesticide and herbicide residues.

True organic skincare should be rich in vitamins and minerals from the natural vitality of their sustainably grown plant ingredients. When plants are grown by organic agriculture they have a higher vitamin and mineral content than when grown intensively and sprayed with pesticides and herbicides. As well as obvious environmental benefits, this is the advantage provided by organic rather than so-called “natural” skincare.

When Should Parents Start A Skincare Routine For Their Baby?

baby-skincareFor the first month of a baby’s life, it shouldn’t be necessary to use any skin care products at all – we support the growing band of midwives who advise this.

As they get older, a skincare routine can begin, but newborn skincare isn’t recommended.

However, if a baby develops dry or parchment-like skin after birth, a good organic salve will help. It’s also important to limit sulfate detergents and other cleansing agents that are excessively drying and or toxic to the environment, not only in skincare, but in other products, like washing powder too.

When it comes to bathing your baby, our Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo is the perfect product to keep their skin and hair cleansed. But remember, very young babies don’t really get dirty and will enjoy a bath or wash in warm water only until they become more mobile and start exploring. Then, when baby gets more adventurous (and grubby!) a pure olive oil castile soap is also a good choice.

Odylique Baby Skincare

We have our own line of special baby skincare, made up of three multi-purpose products to keep their routine pure and simple. We highly recommend trying organic alternatives to the over-prescribed steroid creams first.

Soothing Salve

baby-creamOur Soothing Salve will perfectly protect your baby’s skin and rehydrate dry patches. It can be used as a barrier cream/nappy rash balm to protect from dampness and chafing, whilst soothing and restoring the skin with bio-active chamomile.

It can also be used on their scalps, if cradle cap crops up!

Remember, one multi-purpose salve for nappy changes, dry skin relief or cradle cap is plenty.

Apply a thin layer to the affected area regularly. 

Baby Repair Lotion

repair-lotionChoosing a great baby lotion is important, after all, it’s going to sit on their skin and be absorbed into their body! With a therapeutic amount of aloe vera and other nurturing ingredients, our Baby Repair Lotion is suitable for eczema prone and very sensitive skin. It can be used as an all-over body moisturiser to replenish and hydrate too.

It is a great alternative to over-the-counter steroid creams.

Gently massage into the skin when a moisture-boost is needed.

Baby Gentle Wash And Shampoo

Organic-baby-shampooOur Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo is a dual action, gentle cleanser for the body and scalp. With soothing organic aloe vera, chamomile and extra virgin olive oil to maintain the natural oil and acid balance of a baby’s delicate skin, no conventional counterpart compares, we think it’s the best baby shampoo around!

Want To Try Our Products?

We only source the kindest ingredients from trusted suppliers who don’t practice unethical or cruel methods of farming, which is why we are able to label every single one of our products cruelty free!

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More Advice?

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