Are Organic Cosmetics Effective At Anti-ageing?

anti-ageingAnti-ageing is one of the most talked about topics in the beauty industry, and for good reason. If we could all keep our skin looking and feeling as smooth as it did when we were a baby then we are sure that most of you would jump at the opportunity!

However, the topic has evolved. In an age where social pressures force people to want to look younger, more and more people are resorting to the knife or needle. But is that really the best way to prevent the ageing process? 

We discuss this topic and categorically side with anti-ageing skincare (unsurprisingly!). Keep reading to see the full debate and our take on the benefits of organic skincare to the anti-ageing process. 

The Anti-Ageing Debate 

We had the absolute pleasure of attending the High50 Anti-Ageing Beauty event at the fascinating Royal College of Surgeons.

Following the principles of the great Oxford traditions of debate there were two sides to the argument, moderated by the very lovely Mariella Frostrup. On the side of beauty products and no surgery was Beauty Journalist and Entrepreneur Jo Fairley of Beauty Bible and Green & Blacks chocolate fame. Arguing for surgery and botox was leading Aesthetic Surgeon and founder of YOUTH supplements, Dr. Daniel Sister.

Jo’s Argument

The argument began robustly from Jo, who believes strongly after years of testing just about every beauty product on the market, that before any woman undertakes irreversible anti-ageing surgery she should invest in a fantastic skin-care regime, get some exercise and have a make-over.  She also felt strongly that the media’s focus on looking younger and younger at all costs was not good for women’s mental health or self-esteem and needed urgent attention.

Dr. Sister’s Argument 

Countering, Dr. Sister argued that big brands like L’Oreal spend £6.7 million a year on research and £4 BILLION on marketing. He added: “If products are tested properly and are proven to work, then they have to be considered medicine and not sold without a prescription*. The majority of injectables and surgical techniques, however, have been practised for at least 15 years and there has never been a case of reaction to Botox.”

The Result..

Summing up Jo emphasised how highly she rates Organic Beauty products for kinder anti-ageing. She illustrated how her testing panel have regularly given organic beauty products top marks when compared to more conventional cosmetics. Dr. Sister mentioned L’Oreal’s 600 patents and 0 research studies on effectiveness.

In the end the audience were evenly split between both sides.

Our view? Unsurprisingly we agree with Jo that organic beauty has a huge amount to offer in terms of performance and we also wouldn’t advise anyone to reach for the scalpel. Moreover, the question of whether beauty products or surgery works better is perhaps not so important.  Has our view of natural beauty become so skewed that unnaturally smooth skin, plump cheekbones and lips be considered more attractive than a healthy glow and laughter lines arising from years of life experience?  We all want to look great, but for us that doesn’t mean faking – anything.

*Dr Sister is not entirely correct. Skincare that is proven to be anti-ageing is not considered a medicine and does not need a prescription. Only those products claim to work against a recognised medical condition (anti-ageing is not included in this) need to have a medical licence.

Our Thoughts On Combatting Anti-Ageing 

The key to protecting the skin from ageing is anti-oxidants which plants just happen to contain in abundance. Your favourite organic moisturiser may be kind to your skin, but can it boast to be anti-ageing just like the latest wonder ingredient from a hi-tech laboratory? It certainly can – and depending on the plant ingredients used, possibly more so! Here’s why..

Bio-Available, Natural Antioxidants in Plant Oils

natural-antioxidantsThe key to protecting the skin from ageing is anti-oxidants, which plants just happen to contain in abundance. Antioxidants neutralise the damaging effects of ‘free radicals’ generated on our skin by exposure to sunlight and airborne pollutants. Unchecked, these free radicals cause a chain reaction of injury resulting in sun damage, pigmentation and premature ageing.

We have long recognised that the skin needs the valuable protection of these potent antioxidants and by incorporating them in their natural bio-available form into our organic cosmetics, we can harness the power of nature to full effect.

Virgin And Cold-Pressed

Vitamins A and E are great antioxidants and high levels of vitamin E and other nutrients are found in the first cold-pressings of plant oils and butters. We choose only those precious vitamin-rich oils such as extra virgin olive, sunflower and avocado oils and unrefined shea butter for Odylique products for that very reason.

Not Refined

Highly refined oils on the other hand contain low levels of anti-oxidants and the technical oils like paraffin and mineral oils used widely in mainstream skin-care formulations contain no protective nutrients at all.

Powerful Polyphenols & More

Other potent antioxidants found in plants include beta-carotene in calendula petals and sea buckthorn berries, polyphenols in rose, pomegranate, rosemary and cocoa butter and so on, all of which can be found in Odylique products. It is no coincidence that these plants are also reknowned for their healing and cell regenerating qualities.

More Vitamins In Organic

cold-pressed-olive-oilFans of organic cosmetics now take note! Studies (see below) are increasingly showing that organically grown plants have more antioxidants than those grown ‘conventionally’. Why? As a study just published by the University of Barcelona explains: “Organic farming doesn’t use nitrogenous fertilisers; as a result, plants respond by activating their own defence mechanisms, increasing the levels of all antioxidants.” In other words, organically grown plants instigate their own fight for survival as in the wild and produce more protective antioxidants.

So be assured, nature has its own store of anti-ageing ‘miracles’. In fact current research is taking on board the current demand for safe, natural skincare and unearthing some amazing little gems, which being backed by clinical trials, can carry specific claims. There is even a natural non-invasive version of Botox! So as we say, watch this space….

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