Dry Hands

Dry Hands 101 Only skin of steel would escape dry hands at the moment. With all the hand-washing that’s needed to keep us safe from infection, our palms will turn into sandpaper without some extra care! Dry cracked hands are often the result of repeated washing – over exposure to detergents and hard water, contributing …

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How Rosehip Oil Benefits Your Skin

How Rosehip Oil Benefits Your Skin Rosehip oil benefits have long been known in organic beauty circles, however it is only very recently that the mainstream beauty world has woken up to the power of Rosehip oil to encourage the sort of glow laboratory synthesised brands spend many years and many thousands trying to recreate.  A …

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5 Natural Ways to Help a Cold

It’s February and despite the unseasonably mild weather, between the relentless rain and long dark days we are definitely feeling the effects of winter. The sound of sniffles resonating throughout the office at the moment are like a soundtrack to our working day. 


woman with cold

When Abi met Sarah Stacey

When Abi met Sarah Stacey I was fortunate to first meet Sarah Stacey about a decade ago. In the intervening years she has been one of the greatest supporters of the natural beauty movement, building on an already incredible record of raising awareness of natural health alternatives and the importance of nutrition through her columns in …

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When Abi met Yanar Alkayat

You have enjoyed a really successful career in beauty, health and wellbeing journalism. What made you decide to become a writer in this field? After reading Mizz magazine as a young teenager, all I wanted to do was write beauty for a magazine. I went to university, finished a degree in economics (it didn’t really …

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What is in Organic Shampoo?

It’s fairly easy to understand what goes into something like chocolate and what the difference between organic and non-organic chocolate is (the organic one will be from cocoa beans and sugar grown without artificial fertiliser and pesticides.) But we’re often asked at Odylique how you make organic shampoo, and what the difference is between shampoo from natural ingredients and shampoo …

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